Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Memories

Summer break is awesome. Besides work and a few other everyday things, there's not much to worry about. You just sit there and chill on the grass or take a ride out on the open road. There are no words to describe the freedom. It's just hangin' out with friends and takin' it easy.

Above: That's Hyrum at the weekly Sunday Siesta. All are welcome to join the group at 5:30 P.M. 'til the sun goes down. It's on the grassy field south of the CB. Be warned that I my draw you whether you're watching me or not. But just relax and chill on the grass with our group of about 20 friends.

Below: That's Kelsey riding with Aric on his Harley. Me and Hyrum were following them to Park City. We didn't have time to do anything when we got there but it was a fun trip. Park City was a neat place. It felt like you were meant to visit and look at it, but weren't suppose to live there. I think it was because it was like a small rich suburban neighborhood right next to a nice mall/town center. It was kinda strange but cool.


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Thanks for making my rear end look good Paul.
I can always count on you for that.