Sunday, December 20, 2009

Animation Final

This was what I turned in for my animation final. I hope Kelly likes it. He's my teacher.

Ruff and Tuff Afro Puff

This was a walk cycle. I got an A on the first time. Yay. I can't get it to cycle though. Oh well.

My Ball Bounce

This was the ball bounce assignment for the intro to animation class.

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is my good friend Aric. He's funny and plays the drums real good. The drawing's sort of a belated in-honor-of-said-friend's-birthday thing. Also, I'm trying to switch to the bolder medium of ink... It's a work in progress.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sunday Siesta

Sunday Siestas are the best. Here's a few quick sketches from last Sunday. That's Katelyn writing in her journal and Marie striking a pose. They're two friends of mine.

I'd like to clean these drawings up in the future. I'll post them again when I do. Drawing from life is really hard.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So Marie came up to me the other day and say's, "make me some waffles". And I almost told her no, but I thought of a better idea. I decided to make her waffles and told her they would look delicious. Here they are. Look at 'em and their tasty goodness. Mmmmmmm...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Memories

Summer break is awesome. Besides work and a few other everyday things, there's not much to worry about. You just sit there and chill on the grass or take a ride out on the open road. There are no words to describe the freedom. It's just hangin' out with friends and takin' it easy.

Above: That's Hyrum at the weekly Sunday Siesta. All are welcome to join the group at 5:30 P.M. 'til the sun goes down. It's on the grassy field south of the CB. Be warned that I my draw you whether you're watching me or not. But just relax and chill on the grass with our group of about 20 friends.

Below: That's Kelsey riding with Aric on his Harley. Me and Hyrum were following them to Park City. We didn't have time to do anything when we got there but it was a fun trip. Park City was a neat place. It felt like you were meant to visit and look at it, but weren't suppose to live there. I think it was because it was like a small rich suburban neighborhood right next to a nice mall/town center. It was kinda strange but cool.


This is my roommate Kurt when he's tired. He's easy to draw. Sometimes you can catch him just laying there motionless for hours. Be careful when you wake him up. He won't know where he is or what's happening for a good minute. Now that's a party animal for ya.

Llama Fest

I went with Hyrum, Katelyn, and Aric to the Llama fest a while ago. It was at the Hari Krishna temple. This is what I got in my sketch book from the experience. I don't know which llama won the competition but number 27 was my favorite. Go llama go.