Thursday, May 27, 2010


I really like to rock climb, but hardly ever get the chance and the equipment can be pricey for my wallet. So here's some sketches of photos of people climbin'. Climbers give you the coolest poses. And that's the end of that sketchbook.

My Little Brother

This is Richie Petty. He's my brother and he plays the drums with mad skill.

Turtles and rats seemed like something fun to draw after I watched some of the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies. That was a trip.

There's no reason necessary to draw ninjas, they're just way cool. This one protects people in the subways of England as an urban ninja.

More Empirates

They won battle of the bands in the Wilk by the way. They've got a great stage presence and a cool sound.


This is a local band called Empirates. Scott Manning is the bassist. I heard of them because he's a friend of mine. They're pretty new and I like their stuff. If you want to, keep an eye out for them at the Velour. They've played there quite a few times, and they're better every time.

Hey. It's the rhino head from the Bean Museum.

This is an old mission companion. I served with him for two transfers and a week. That's the longest I have ever served with anyone, and he was one my favorites. It was a blast to serve with Elder Snow. He's married now. You rock Dan.

So this is some stuff from my sketchbook that help get me into the animation program at BYU. I got a lot of the animals from the Bean Museum and the bird were from photos. I basically get everything from real life or photos of real life. I hope you like it. It was a long and fruitful project that taught me a lot.